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A sequence defines in which order plugins are run, and which colormaps or images are used. You can modify a sequence through the GUI using the keyboard.

Managing plugins

  • Use UP, DOWN to scroll the plugin list, Page up and Page down to scroll faster
  • Enter: insert or remove the plugin

Reorganizing the sequence

You can change the plugins order in the sequence:

  • Use Shift-UP/Shift-DOWN to select a plugin in the sequence
  • Ctrl-UP/Ctrl-DOWN to move the selected plugin up/down in the sequence

Changing plugin parameters

Since v3.40, you can change plugin parameters:

  • Use Alt-UP/Alt-DOWN to select previous/next plugin parameter to change
  • Alt-LEFT/Alt-RIGHT to decrease/increase plugin parameter value
  • Alt-Shift-LEFT/Alt-Shift-RIGHT to decrease/increase plugin parameter value faster

Using colormaps and images

  • Colormaps
    • Use e/r to cycle through the colormaps
    • t to randomly pick one
    • Ctrl-t to switch “random colormaps mode” on/off. In this mode, Le Biniou will change colormaps every few seconds
    • Show or hide the current colormap using Alt-c
  • Images
    • Use y/u to cycle through the images
    • i to randomly pick one
    • Ctrl-i to switch “random images mode” on/off. In this mode, Le Biniou will change images every few seconds

Managing sequences

Sequences can be saved in two forms:

  • Full: stores the plugins, colormaps and images data. Save with Ctrl-s or update with Ctrl-u
  • Bare: only the plugins. Save with Ctrl-shift-s or update with Ctrl-shift-u

Tip: You can save the running sequence (as full) when exiting using Shift-x instead of Shift-q.

Sequences are stored in your ~/.lebiniou/sequences/ folder.

Advanced topics

Lens mode

Lens mode basically prevents video feedback - these plugins end the sequence, all effects occuring after a lens won’t be reinjected in the next run.

The lens plugins are:

  • cth_[xy]roller
  • edge
  • emboss
  • hodge
  • kaleid2
  • mosaic
  • nspiral
  • ripple
  • taquin
  • tunnel
  • warp
  • [xy]gum
  • [xy]shaker
  • [xy]wave
  • zbroken
  • zmonitor
  • zreflector

Some plugins (e.g.: cth_[xy]roller, taquin) give nice results with lens mode off.

You can switch the “lens mode” on/off on any plugin in the sequence with Shift-l. Note: Only one plugin can be in lens mode.

Layer modes

You can control how a plugin effects are melt with the previous one by controlling it’s “layer mode” (think of merging layers in the GIMP):

There are 6 layer modes available:

  • NOR (Normal): plugin works with defaults
  • OVL (Overlay): pixels are added to the previous layer, if not null
  • XOR (XOR): pixels are xored with the previous layer
  • AVG (Average): takes the average of the layers
  • RND (Random): takes pixels randomly between the layers (~50% of each will be chosen)
  • --- (NULL): does nothing. pretty useless unless you want to disable a plugin without removing it from the sequence

Select the next layer mode using Shift-y or reset to the default using Alt-y

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