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Packaging status

  • Le Biniou is available in Debian, derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu), and Arch Linux.
  • You can also get bleeding-edge releases from GitLab:
  • Other distros: using Flatpak is by far the easiest way to go. You can install the flatpak through your distribution GUI package installer if they support flatpak, or via CLI:
flatpak install net.biniou.LeBiniou

Then you can start Le Biniou with:

flatpak run net.biniou.LeBiniou

Beta releases are also available. To add the beta channel to your user flatpak sources, enter the following in the command line:

flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub-beta

To then install Le Biniou preview version, enter:

flatpak install --user flathub-beta net.biniou.LeBiniou

To run it, enter:

flatpak run --branch=beta net.biniou.LeBiniou
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