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Input plugins

LeBiniou comes with several input plugins:

  • alsa: records from ALSA. This is the default plugin for GNU/Linux-based systems.
  • jackaudio: JACK Audio input, mostly used by musicians.
  • oscaudio: Open Sound Control input.
  • oss: Open Sound System input, for other (e.g. *BSD) systems.
  • pulseaudio: PulseAudio input.
  • sndfile: uses libsndfile to read audio files, use this plugin to encode your favorite tracks and make videos.
  • twip: a basic FM synthetizer, use this when nothing else works.
  • random: random input for desperate cases.
  • NULL: no sound input at all.

The input plugin can be set from the command-line using -i or --input, or in the configuration file. If not set, ALSA will be used.

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