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The Graphical User Interface

Enable the SDL2 UI again

The SDL2 GUI is no longer supported nor compiled in the official releases.

It is also disabled by default when built in.

To be able to use it again, you will need to build lebiniou from source and enable the compilation of the SDL2 UI. Following build instructions from the project's README, when using the ./configure script, use instead:

./configure --enable-debug --enable-sdl2ui

then use the -G (or --enable-sdl2-gui) command line options to launch the program.

Be aware that lebiniou is much slower when built with the --enable-debug flag.



There are four parts in the GUI:

  • Top-left: control informations
  • Top-right: the current sequence
  • Bottom: plugins list, selected plugin description, current FPS and (desired) FPS

The blue progress bar shows the time left before automatic sequence change


  • Date and time
  • Uptime
  • Sequence id or name
  • Current bank
  • Colormap
  • Image
  • Auto mode
  • Random colormaps
  • Random images
  • Locked plugin
  • Phase space delay (see Phase Space plugins)
  • Splines span size
  • Volume scale
  • 3D scale factor (see 3D plugins)

Current sequence

Also read: sequence

  • Plugin name
  • Plugin mode
    • |: run the plugin
    • -: run the plugin and stop video feedback
    • : run the plugin but don’t inject final frame
  • Layer mode:
    • NOR (NORmal): plugin works with defaults
    • OVL (OVerLay): pixels are added to the previous layer, if not null
    • XOR (XOR): pixels are xored with the previous layer
    • AVG (AVeraGe): takes the average of the layers
    • ILV (InterLeaVe): takes alternatively a line from the passive/active buffers
    • RND (RaNDom): takes pixels randomly between the layers (~50% of each will be chosen)
    • --- (NULL): does nothing. pretty useless unless you want to disable a plugin without removing it from the sequence


Type of effect:

  • S: uses Sound
  • G: Graphical effect
  • F: Filter effect
  • I: uses Image
  • L: Lens plugin (- mode by default)
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