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Basic concepts

Le Biniou is made of a set of plugins (more than one hundred), that produce various graphic effects, depending on a source input (usually, your soundcard, or some recorded audio).

There are several types of plugins:

  • Input plugins (sound inputs: JackAudio, ALSA, …)
  • Drawing plugins (oscilloscopes, screensaver effects, …)
  • Filtering plugins (blurs, distortions, …)
  • Image plugins (that use a background image)
  • Color plugins (modify the current colormap)
  • Output plugins (SDL2, mp4 encoder, …)

These plugins can be run in any order, forming “sequences”.

Sequences can be created by the user (in the interactive mode), or by Le Biniou’s A.I. (in the “schemes” mode). They can be saved, renamed, and stored in “banks”.

It has an integrated On Screen Display (OSD), that shows you what’s going on, and acts as a User Interface to select, organize or reorder plugins when you’re in the interactive mode.

Since version 3.50, there is also web interface.

By default, Le Biniou starts in the “schemes” mode.

Le Biniou can randomly pick between many different colormaps and background images, allowing evolving rendering effects.

There are also three “auto-modes”, that will randomly change the current sequence between user-defined and/or Le Biniou-generated ones.

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